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Behind scenes

On the weekend, the youngest and hubby decided to do some ‘digging’ for a cousin. This meant I did not feel guilty heading to the work space ‘to do some stuff’. I wanted to tackle this job – it needed to get done.

I am not a professional photographer in any way. I have learned on the job. It is such an essential part of what I do. I have a fabulous high quality camera on loan from my father-in-law. Really after two years, I should buy it from him or go get one. The latest iphone, just does not do the job good enough. I worked on 46 different bases/colours. Just doing the photos took about four and a half hours. The next big job is sitting down in front of this screen and colour checking. This will be another many hours, depending how well the camera worked. That was todays plan – but that went out the window. Orders, replying to emails/messages and a friend visiting on her birthday was a priority. Tomorrows job now. Once this is done then I can start putting them up on the website. Which means the promised new colour way has not been put up. I hate disappointing people.

I pride myself in making sure I get the colours right in the photos. I want to know, when customers receive their yarns, they receive what they are expecting. I have purchased yarn and they look nothing like the photos – which makes me crabby. Colour checking can sometimes take A LONG time. Sometimes I just re do the photos… you can only filter so much!

I did employ a professional photographer to try and see if I could outsource. For a few important reasons it did not work out. They never came back to me and asked why. Feedback is so important, it could have meant a ongoing job for them. Sometimes it is just easier to do it yourself. You never know – someone might come along and nail the job so I can focus on the other things.

2 thoughts on “Behind scenes

  1. I love seeing “behind the scenes” shots. So much work goes into what we see that we have no idea about. You do a fabulous job, Sarah!

    1. Oh thank you Elizabeth. I thought it would be good to use my platform to educate. Helps us all appreciate what it takes to achieve what hand dyers do. 😊

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