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My Ashford Electric Ball Winder

It has been a while since I purchased my Ashford e-ball winder. When I shared it on Instagram a few people asked what I thought of it. I think now I can fairly review it.

I was pretty excited to purchase it. Though it was a good bunch of the budget, I could see the value. With carpel tunnel flaring up and lots of orders to ball yarn, I just had to do it. I used it on odd occasions because I getting hits and misses with it. I was not able to work out what made it a hit. This often meant I was reballing a ball just to make it look tidier and not always successfully. Was kind of defeating the purpose.

A friend wanted to help me with stuff at the studio. SO I gave her the ball winding job. She was having the same outcomes as I have been. SURELY at that price and with good reviews, I have to be missing something. I decided to do my research… I came cross Sally Ridgeway’s blog about her experience. Sally is another local hand dyer so I knew I can trust her review. I was relieved to see, she had experienced the same thing as me. Not only did she review it – she also shared her insights and how to make it work.

She nailed it – I (cough) should have read the instructions and watched their video which is less than minute long (face palm)…. SIGH… I adjusted a few things and hey presto it is working like a dream. I even send a video to my friend so I did not scare her off for life.