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The One Woman Studio…

I am Bombed Yarns. I am proud of where I am today. The move and building of the studio, was a big leap. It was a good decision because I am able to be more efficient and productive. It also meant the demand and interest has increased. Which honestly, is very flattering. This was a surprise. The best bit about the move has been the ability to warmly welcome the community to the space to enjoy, learn or share their skills. This has been the heart of what I wanted for this creative space.

For Bombed Yarns to happen, I need time. Time to think, to plan, to prepare and to make. Once made… time to share and experience the joy of the item, take photos that are good and clear, to fill in information for the purchasers and to finally release for sale. Admin is a big part of selling handmade. It is time sucked away from producing. Meanwhile time is also needed to process the orders already waiting (pictures above), respond to messages and emails (this I enjoy when I do not have time restraints), prepare for future ideas and thoughts (many do not get to fruition stage!), test ideas and thoughts (see a colourway in photo), re dye and re try, do my own personal handcraft (see Hipsters Shawl photo), tidy work space, plan events and meanwhile be a mum (school holidays!) and wife/sister/daughter. The balance is forever being rejigged.

Handmade – is made by a person who has studied their craft and have taken that scary leap to share it. They do it from scratch or with deliberate intention to produce something of high quality and beauty. This means time and lots of learning on the way. So when you purchase something handmade – there is a story behind it you will not know. Instead you will have the piece that is part of that story. I was not a well practised dyer when I began Bombed Yarns with my business partner. I had only been dyeing for a couple of years for myself. When I look back at the beginnings – still beautiful yarn but different. When Bombed Yarns became just me – I needed a bit of time to work out where I was going to take it. I knew I wanted to dial down the ‘properness’ and inject some not taking it too seriously fun. I feel like I am getting there. I still smile at my yarn names and things I have displayed.

Oh and I forgot to mention social media. This in itself is a huge importance to my business but also is another business of its own. There are people who sell support to manage the social media. Seriously peeps it is full on. Nothing quick or straightforward about it. It can be one of the things that stop people from selling their beautiful work. They want to enjoy and love what they do, not be in front of a screen ‘admining’ fair enough. I am constantly doing things in the background but it is not for social media (plus the time to actually photo etc etc), who wants to watch me dust the yarn shelf, clean dye pots and type on a computer?

Enabling others and myself and heading into my middle age years finding new things and my purpose. It is my anti depressant. That is the one woman studio.

We lost a member of our community this week. A lovely lady who was only ever so kind. She came to the last community get together, which was so lovely. RIP Stephanie.